The Youth Participatory Photography program, loosely based on Community-Based Participatory Research and participatory photography frameworks, set out to encourage the young population to identify, through photography, important resilience and recovery challenges in their community. The program was divided into two phases, the launch and the exhibition, and it was held in six schools (one per region) of Puerto Rico. The Program Launch took place from February 5-9, 2018 and the Photography Exhibition from February 20-23, 2018. Approximately 360 students took part in this initiative. During the first phase, students were introduced to the concept of resiliency and prompted to photograph their school and community surroundings. On the second phase, students described their perception of their community and presented their photographs to their communities and family members. The participating schools included: Escuela INE Carmen Pilar Reyes in Humacao, Escuela INE Elemental Urbana Nueva in Lajas, Escuela INE Inocencio Cintrón Zayas in Barranquitas, Escuela INE Luis Llorens Torres in San Juan, Escuela INE Rafael Delgado in Guayama y Escuela Francisco Jordán in Utuado.

Program Launch


Photography Exhibition

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