Implementing tools and multi-stakeholder coalitions to advance reforms and track progress of Puerto Rico’s recovery


Puerto Rico’s successful recovery urgently requires reforms that foster a resilient and sustainable infrastructure. It also needs investments and best practices that maximize equity, inclusiveness, collaboration and social well-being. ReImagina is promoting the development of transparency tools and multi-stakeholder coalitions to involve the public in advancing reforms and tracking progress in Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts.

Tracking efforts

Measuring progress, fostering transparency and promoting community participation are crucial for a fair reconstruction process.

Developing tools to track projects, identify gaps and report on the progress of the island’s reconstruction.

Collaborating with relevant stakeholders to increase local capacity and assist in the implementation of ReImagina’s recommendations.

Serving as a conduit to connect projects with funders and implementers, promoting knowledge exchange, and fostering projects by NGOs and private entities.

Advancing reforms

Collaborative initiatives are essential for much-needed critical infrastructure reforms. ReImagina is working with public and private entities, NGOs, communities and experts to advance the following reforms in key sectors:

Water:  Creating an integrated water management framework and on-the-ground initiatives that transform our communities’ relationship with water.

Energy:  Developing an affordable, reliable and innovative energy system that reduces adverse impacts on human health and on the environment and that focuses on renewables, distributed generation, access and security.

Housing:  Addressing issues of land tenure, affordability, housing safety, risk reduction, and land use management.


Puerto Rico Recovery Platform

A public online database that will map reconstruction projects, especially those performed by NGOs and private entities. This tool will allow better coordination, collaboration and knowledge-sharing among entities and communities and will enable connections between implementers and funders.

Construcción Puerto Rico

A digital directory of construction industry resources created with the collaboration of the Puerto Rico Builders Association, the Associated General Contractors of Puerto Rico, and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Puerto Rico. The directory is a platform where local companies and professionals can publicize services related to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico. This is key for local involvement in recovery efforts as approximately 90% of reconstruction and recovery-related contracts have been awarded to outside U.S. firms. The directory was launched in November 2019.

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Stormwater Management Seminars

These seminars aimed to identify the needs, experiences and opportunities at the municipal level in order to develop an island-wide integrated stormwater management program. Created in collaboration with FEMA, EPA, the Puerto Rico Water and Environment Association (PRW&EA), and PR government agencies, they will target municipal planning and public works offices. The seminars were offered in June of 2019 in Caguas, Mayagüez, Ponce, and Arecibo.

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Guide for Hurricane Resistant
Homes on the Island

ReImagina collaborated with Habitat for Humanity International, Puerto Rico Builders Association and Enterprise Community Partners to develop a digitally-accessible and printed guide on how to mitigate the impact of hurricanes and increase the resilience in the island’s housing. The guide was developed so that professionals from the construction industry and the general public can understand it. The guide is only available in Spanish.

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Resilient Community Hub Guide

Created in collaboration with Resilient See, Mercy Corps, and Enterprise Community Partners, this guide will help communities in the process of identifying strategies to create resilient assets, spaces and systems that will allow continuous operations during emergencies. This guide is directed to community leaders and was published in October 2019.

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