ReImagina promotes a strong, equitable and prosperous Puerto Rico by helping rebuild the island on a more solid, just and resilient foundation 


ReImagina Puerto Rico is a locally-led nonprofit initiative that works towards the swift recovery and coordinated reconstruction of Puerto Rico. ReImagina seeks to tap the variety of approaches, visions and experiences that communities, private entities, NGOs and public institutions can bring forth in a coordinated effort to rebuild a stronger, fairer, more prosperous Puerto Rico.

ReImagina was created in January 2018, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the throes of Puerto Rico’s fiscal and economic crisis. Non-partisan and independent, ReImagina evolved from the Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission and is currently a program of the Center for a New Economy.



ReImagina aspires to help rebuild Puerto Rico on a more solid, equitable and resilient foundation.


We recognize that beyond the enormous physical, social and economic challenges that Puerto Rico faces today, there is a wide horizon of opportunities to transform the island following common priorities and promoting a fair reconstruction process. We have identified the need to go beyond pre-existing conditions and seek to promote innovation, ingenuity, and a learning-by-doing approach in all rebuilding and reconstruction initiatives.


ReImagina works to help align recovery efforts and bring greater coordination and transparency to the process.


As a first step towards creating a common blueprint and maximizing the use of recovery funds invested in the island, ReImagina convened a wide variety of voices to identify a broad but common focus for rebuilding efforts.

77 dialogue sessions with 748 stakeholders identified 6 cross-cutting strategies and 97 actionable recommendations, 17 of which were identified as immediate priorities. These have been published in the ReImagina Puerto Rico Report and Six Sector Reports.

ReImagina currently works towards fostering implementation of these recommendations. It also promotes the following guiding principles in reconstruction efforts:

Emphasize and foster coordination and collaboration

Prioritize equity and inclusiveness

Maximize social well-being in all investments

Ensure transparency at all levels of policymaking